Northwest Michigan Industrial Association

When one mentions "industry" another's mind focuses on most major metropolitan areas. However, industry is alive and well in Northern Michigan.

The Northwest Michigan Industrial Association established in 1974, represents seven counties:

  • Antrim
  • Cheboygan
  • Emmet Charlevoix
  • Grand Traverse
  • Kalkaska
  • Otsego

Though seldom in the headlines, the Northwest Michigan Industrial Association's 98 companies employ over 8,000 people with an annual combined payroll of nearly $200 million.

What We Do

Our goal? To serve any need a manufacturer may have in conducting business in Northern Michigan. We offer:

  • Training seminars
  • Technical recruiting efforts
  • Training with area colleges
  • Consulting and coordinating with area physicians concerning industrial accidents
  • Safety employment physicals
  • Workers' compensation claims,
  • To the monitoring of and influence in reforming legislation pertaining to workers' compensation
  • Single business tax
  • Unemployment contributions
  • OSHA's Right-To-Know laws

Associate Membership

Our associate membership consists of business that provide services to the manufacturing facilities including: 

  • Colleges
  • Financial institutions
  • Freight companies
  • Hospitals
  • Utility companies

The Northwest Michigan Industrial Association is geared to progress... serving the industry needs of today and working for the future. Our motto? United we are strong - Divided we are weak.


As our services are varied, so are the products our membership manufactures; from wood and paper products, plastics and electronics, to die casting, steel fabricators and die makers.